It's happening.


It's finally here!!
Vancouver has gotten so much sun lately (for Vancouver) and I am loving every second of it.
The skies are blue, the cherry blossoms are starting, and life is good.
I spent my lovely sunny saturday in the sun at the beach, and stopping by my favourite place in the world for the best vegan burger EVER. 
Basically, it was the perfect day.
And I just had to take an OOTD opportunity in front of these gorgeous blossoms.

dress: Joe
leggings: Forever21+
belt: thrifted
shoes: Zellers

Loving Hut's BBQ Onion Ring Cheeseburger is what dreams are made of.

And so is the beach.


Put a filter on it.

Shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: F21+ (online)
Shoes: Zellers (RIP)

Sorry for all the iPhone photos, as my computer is currently being incredibly uncooperative and won't let me upload pictures! (or scan, or print, or use photoshop, or itunes, or iphoto, or chrome, or firefox, or youtube...)
Yeah, it's time for a laptop. 
So until I win the lottery, we'll have to make due, folks!
Thank goodness for my pocket computer.
Or, as my dad likes to call it:
"personal internet device"
"satellite communicator"
"pocket email machine"
(yes, he has literally called smart phones all of those things, and more.)

Today I was just running around doing errands and studying, so I threw on something comfortable but still cute, which is kind of like my life motto. Be comfortable. Look cute.
My love for denim on denim will never fade. I don't care what I might think about it years from now. Becasse right now, I like it. 

I also love these shoes, either because, or in spite of their resemblance to one Duckie Dale's shoes.

Mine just aren't as worn yet. I've been saving these for when my two identical pairs (in black) finally gave out, which they now have. These babies were from Zellers, and they were the most comfortable shoes i've ever worn. 
I'll miss these shoes, Zellers! 


bless forever 21

As a teenager my most hated store was Forever 21. Back when I had "friends" in junior high, they'd always drag me into that store at the mall. I hated every second of it. All these cute, cheap clothes called to me, yet when i'd reach for the large (as high as their sizes went) it looked more like something my little sister (a child) would wear then the teenagers it was marketed to. Then again, I was never a small teenager. Unlike my friends.
Basically, Forever 21 was one of the worst culprits of making me feel like a giant. Something I was very sensitive about, having towered over my friends by hitting 5'9 at eleven years old, and weighing about twice the amount of those half-lings around me.

But lately, forever 21 has been making it up to past Erin. By finally introducing a plus size line.
Yes, I know this was years ago, but still. 
I just have to give a shout out to a place that makes clothes that fit me and that I can afford, besides Old Navy.

Yellow pants from forever 21+. Also seen here. (the sweater was from Old Navy, of course.)

Striped dress from forever 21+.

and yet another striped item, again from forever 21+.

It's near impossible to find affordable plus size clothes here in Canada. The few plus size stores we have are too expensive to really build a wardrobe. 
This means we poor, unfortunate, Canadians have to go online to fulfill our fatshion desires, which means we end up paying too much in shipping and exchange rates.

Another reason I love forever 21+?
They ship super fast. To Canada, from Canada. And it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. (If you spend enough, it can even be free!)
But while that's wonderful, it does irk me that they don't actually carry their plus size line in Canadian stores. 
Just last week I was out shopping with friends, and I was stuck watching them shop and try things on while I waited, just like when I was a teenager.
Except this time, I felt okay. Because I happened to be wearing forever 21. I just got it online.
But still, it'd be nice if I could try things on first. 
Ya know, without driving three hours to the closest store that carries plus sizes (in another country) to do it.

Basically, thank you, Forever 21+, for letting fat girls who are poor look cute.


The Cure

Hi friends.
My apologies if you have already seen this on my Instagram and tumblr, but I just had to share it some more.

I've been meaning to post about this jacket of mine since forever. And now I finally am!
Remember when I told you about my goth days
Well this is how I hold on to that part of my life, while moving on. 
When I started to dabble in colour in my late teens, I wanted a way to keep some of my favorite goth relics, one of my most cherished items being this The Cure t-shirt featuring Robert Smith.

 photo holdingthecamera.jpg
(see him peeking out behind my hair and my blazer?)

but I wanted to wear it in a new way. I challenged myself to stop wearing just band t-shirts and black pants everyday. (my goth uniform)

I wanted to incorporate it with my new style, so I turned the t-shirt into a patch and sewed it onto an old black jacket.

I feel it also fits in really well with my maturing style, getting away from wearing band t-shirts, while still wearing band t-shirts....just in a different  way. ;)
I've had this baby for years and i'll never let it go. It's one of my favourite items of clothing, it has this way of honouring that part of me (and my life) while still allowing for change.
Yeah, deep. I know.
What can I say, I listen to The Cure. 


I'm really good at procrastinating.

To prove it, here is a ootd from SEPTEMBER.


And I am just posting an outfit from September...

partial blame is on my computer, as it currently barely functions. It's quite elderly, it's jsut coming up on it's time to go. But I pray that time will not be too soon, as I cannot afford a new computer right now!

Anyways. That's my excuse for not having any posts recently. (well, one of them.)

I came across this while trying (and failing) to upload photos yet again. 
So this may be the last not-iphone photo for a while.
Bear with!!

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