bless forever 21

As a teenager my most hated store was Forever 21. Back when I had "friends" in junior high, they'd always drag me into that store at the mall. I hated every second of it. All these cute, cheap clothes called to me, yet when i'd reach for the large (as high as their sizes went) it looked more like something my little sister (a child) would wear then the teenagers it was marketed to. Then again, I was never a small teenager. Unlike my friends.
Basically, Forever 21 was one of the worst culprits of making me feel like a giant. Something I was very sensitive about, having towered over my friends by hitting 5'9 at eleven years old, and weighing about twice the amount of those half-lings around me.

But lately, forever 21 has been making it up to past Erin. By finally introducing a plus size line.
Yes, I know this was years ago, but still. 
I just have to give a shout out to a place that makes clothes that fit me and that I can afford, besides Old Navy.

Yellow pants from forever 21+. Also seen here. (the sweater was from Old Navy, of course.)

Striped dress from forever 21+.

and yet another striped item, again from forever 21+.

It's near impossible to find affordable plus size clothes here in Canada. The few plus size stores we have are too expensive to really build a wardrobe. 
This means we poor, unfortunate, Canadians have to go online to fulfill our fatshion desires, which means we end up paying too much in shipping and exchange rates.

Another reason I love forever 21+?
They ship super fast. To Canada, from Canada. And it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. (If you spend enough, it can even be free!)
But while that's wonderful, it does irk me that they don't actually carry their plus size line in Canadian stores. 
Just last week I was out shopping with friends, and I was stuck watching them shop and try things on while I waited, just like when I was a teenager.
Except this time, I felt okay. Because I happened to be wearing forever 21. I just got it online.
But still, it'd be nice if I could try things on first. 
Ya know, without driving three hours to the closest store that carries plus sizes (in another country) to do it.

Basically, thank you, Forever 21+, for letting fat girls who are poor look cute.


  1. Agh! I live right by the Forever 21 on Robson St and would give anything for it to carry the plus size line! I would literally be down there every day doing my "I'm happy I can buy F21+ in store dance" the whole way. We should totally start a campaign to get them to add it!
    Aimee x

    1. Let's do it!! Actually being able to try things on- what a dream! ;)

  2. Woot woot for Forever 21 and all it's online chubby sisters. Also I would love to hear the story behind why the word 'friends' is in quotation marks. Jr high is just the worst time in everyone's life...

    1. I just had some really terrible friends, hence the quotation marks. They were more like fr-enemies. Constantly calling me stupid and making fun of my weight. But my self esteem was non-existant, so I put up with them. For a few more years, then discovered the joy of being a loner! ;)
      Does anyone have any real friends in junior high? I'm not so sure. It's pretty much the worst time in the world, as you said! Have you seen the movie "Welcome to the Dollhouse"? That's pretty indicative about how much junior high sucks!

  3. Now I must go shopping online!!!

  4. What what.
    And oh, thank you for the comment! I don't think that the trees are cherry trees? They don't produce cherries. I really don't know what kind of trees they are!
    But yes, I want to live in those photos as well....

  5. I shrieked with delight when you (yes, YOU!) introduced me to Forever 21+ with your striped dress you posted on Instagram. Like you, I loved the cheap tops and cute outfits, but could not fit into them. I accompanied my very slim sister to Forever 21 as a teen and daydreamed as I looked through the racks of colorful fabrics, belts, jackets. It was depressing.
    But since finding out about Forever 21+, I've been online and have so many items bookmarked and can't wait to start ordering! (fat girl dance of joy)


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