Put a filter on it.

Shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: F21+ (online)
Shoes: Zellers (RIP)

Sorry for all the iPhone photos, as my computer is currently being incredibly uncooperative and won't let me upload pictures! (or scan, or print, or use photoshop, or itunes, or iphoto, or chrome, or firefox, or youtube...)
Yeah, it's time for a laptop. 
So until I win the lottery, we'll have to make due, folks!
Thank goodness for my pocket computer.
Or, as my dad likes to call it:
"personal internet device"
"satellite communicator"
"pocket email machine"
(yes, he has literally called smart phones all of those things, and more.)

Today I was just running around doing errands and studying, so I threw on something comfortable but still cute, which is kind of like my life motto. Be comfortable. Look cute.
My love for denim on denim will never fade. I don't care what I might think about it years from now. Becasse right now, I like it. 

I also love these shoes, either because, or in spite of their resemblance to one Duckie Dale's shoes.

Mine just aren't as worn yet. I've been saving these for when my two identical pairs (in black) finally gave out, which they now have. These babies were from Zellers, and they were the most comfortable shoes i've ever worn. 
I'll miss these shoes, Zellers! 


  1. Oh I love this! Old Navy has the best denim tops...I wanna buy like 50 when I go in there-this polka dot one is one of my favs! I think denim on denim is always really cute, as long as you've done it in different washes like you have here. You're a beauty! And, haha you're dad sounds awesome. Parents are the best for coming up with silly things like that.

    1. I maybe shouldn't admit this, but I own two other denim tops from old navy...like you said, they are the best! ;) Haha, parents are definitely always coming up with new phrases! At least they entertain us!

  2. I'm jealous of these shoes! Love, love love them.

    1. I'm jealous I can't buy them anymore! Haha. They're great.

  3. Ah, those are cute shoes!
    And yes, thank the heavens for pocket interent devices.


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