The Cure

Hi friends.
My apologies if you have already seen this on my Instagram and tumblr, but I just had to share it some more.

I've been meaning to post about this jacket of mine since forever. And now I finally am!
Remember when I told you about my goth days
Well this is how I hold on to that part of my life, while moving on. 
When I started to dabble in colour in my late teens, I wanted a way to keep some of my favorite goth relics, one of my most cherished items being this The Cure t-shirt featuring Robert Smith.

 photo holdingthecamera.jpg
(see him peeking out behind my hair and my blazer?)

but I wanted to wear it in a new way. I challenged myself to stop wearing just band t-shirts and black pants everyday. (my goth uniform)

I wanted to incorporate it with my new style, so I turned the t-shirt into a patch and sewed it onto an old black jacket.

I feel it also fits in really well with my maturing style, getting away from wearing band t-shirts, while still wearing band t-shirts....just in a different  way. ;)
I've had this baby for years and i'll never let it go. It's one of my favourite items of clothing, it has this way of honouring that part of me (and my life) while still allowing for change.
Yeah, deep. I know.
What can I say, I listen to The Cure. 


  1. Great shirt-Have loved The Cure for 30 years

  2. Love Love Love! I got a massive hole on the side of an old Cure t-shirt, so I cut out the picture of Rob and sewed him to the back of my black jacket for a Cure concert a couple years ago. Got lots of compliments on it :)
    I love meeting new Cure fans. Even if it's just a "I like your coat." ;p


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