Just because you spend every waking minute in the library doesn't mean you can't be cute, and comfortable...
That's sort of my mantra lately.

dress: JOE Fresh, leggings & necklace: F21

Which I achieve with cute dresses and leggings. 
(yeah, I may've bought this dress in two different colours...it's totally legit 'cause it's the perfect dress.)

And pattern mixing, with my DIY polka dot toms.

It's almost over, though!
Happy finals season to all my fellow students!


bring on the spring

After Vancouver's sunshine fake-out, where it was so nice and beautiful and sunshiney and the world suddenly seemed so much better, we are back to the blanket of clouds and constant drizzle here in Vancouver.
I mean, the rain still isn't so bad compared with the barren wasteland from whence I came, but still.
I just wanna wear shorts without tights.
Until then, tights it is.

Which is okay. 
I kinda liked the contrast of the black tights and my new favourite shoes.

And I am also loving this top, it's such a pretty blue and the white stripe makes it feel so fresh...like spring.

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