Seatbelt's, everyone!

Some friends of mine just moved into a house together and they decided to throw a 90's themed costume housewarming.
Since I get really, really into playing dressing up, I got a little carried away in creating my costume.

I decided to go as everyone's favorite teacher, Ms. Frizzle, of The Magic School Bus.
Here's my DIY Ms.Frizzle costume!

All you need is a shirt dress and some shapes to adorn your dress with, based on the lesson plan of your choosing!

I took my new custom made eshakti dress (real post on that coming soon!) and simply stuck on some foam space shapes to make it a space appropriate dress, based on the pilot episode of the series.
I kind of have a thing for space thanks to a certain Doctor...

And it's because of the Doctor that I went and made myself a TARDIS to adorn my dress with. Because, duh! 

And since the set of foam space shapes I bought at Michael's didn't come with a TARDIS (how rude!) I had to go and make my own. 

The best part was that two girls (whom I had never met before) happened to come as two of the students, Pheobe and Wanda. It was meant to be! 


Hey, look at me!

Not me, Erin. 
It's my blog talking.
That would be awfully attention seeking and conceded for me to just go look at me look at me on the internet.


It's my new blog "design" that wants your attention.
Okay, and I do to. 
I'm a middle child

Check out my new decor and tell me what ya think. It took waaay longer than i'd care to admit and i'm not so much at a point where i'm in love with it but more like "eh, this'll do."
I really wish past Erin hadn't given up on her interest in web design. I used to do that stuff for fun, before blogs were even a thing, and now here I am with a blog and no know-how.

Anyways, I've tried to do as much as I can with tutorials and my limited memory.
Because that's what I do when I should be packing. Since i'm moving in two days.
But nooope. I procrastinate, of course!

and yet I never learn...

Oh, and here's an outfit that I wore recently. I got this dress at Target (CANADA) and i'm in looooove.  With this dress and Target. Though it does really suck that the stores up here aren't carrying any plus sized items. This dress is just an XXL that happens to fit. 

Later days!
(leave a comment if you get that reference!)


Bloggin' buisness.

So I'm sure everyone knows Google reader will be retiring imminently. It's my go-to reader so that kind of sucks but luckily my second choice makes it so easy to keep up with all your favorite blogs.
Just go here and with one click you can keep reading all your favorite blogs.
I just found this out so I thought I would pass it on!

And speaking of  change, and just so this isn't a a post without photos (which I don't like) here is a different way i've been wearing my hair. It's so, so different, but I think I might like it like this.

I haven't not had bangs in maybe ten years so it's a big change but i'm gonna rock it every now and then.
Besides, bangs are too sweaty for the summer anyways!


5 Questions

So recently the lovely Beverly did a "5 Questions" video, and she inspired me to do the same! 
 Not that anyone was asking for it, but now you have 10 minutes of me rambling on and on! (sorry, I talk a lot.)  

Also- the new iMovie is WEIRD. Totally different than the seven year old one I was using on my old computer. So excuse the crappy editing.

And woah, sirens! I kind of just tune them out but hearing them on this video made me realize how loud they really are, haha! I live on a busy street, so they're a regular occurrence. 

(or you know, at least watch it.)

*And if you get bored just do a shot (of juice) every time I say "you know".
(At least I credit in the video that My So-Called Life had a great effect on my life.)


Change is coming.

Don't worry, it's good change!! Like, you know, blogging more. (hopefully.)
But other than my desire to get back to something I love, i've got some exciting news to share.

I got accepted into the in Cretive Writing program at UBC. (University of British Columbia.)
I'll be getting my bachelor of fine arts!! I'm beyond thrilled. I've always loved books and believed strongly in the power of writing and shared experiences. Books were always there for me in my hardest times growing up and to get to work on my own dreams of sharing with others is beyond incredible to me.

But other than getting to study a passion, I get to stay in my wonderful (adoptive) city. It's coming up on six years since I moved here and I just keep loving it more and more. The only way I will ever leave Vancouver is kicking and screaming. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this city.

Okay, now onto the clothes!!

Another great thing about living in Vancouver is it's proximity to the US. The shopping and the restaurants south of the border are always worth a trip down to Seattle or Portland. Plus Size shopping in Canada is a nightmare! 
But I recently discovered that it's actually incredibly cheap and easy to order online and get your cheap, cute, (american) clothes delivered just an hour outside of Vancouver, over the boarder.
It's how I got this adorable aztec print dress!

The shoes are representing my loalty to Canada, they are a remnant from the (now gone) days of Zellers.

And I got the denim jacket at for a great sale at Old Navy!

So stay tuned, folks!
I've got a few more posts up my sleeves (like a review from eShakti!) i've just been too busy to get up since getting to that program I mentioned was incredibly exhausting and time consuming. But so worth it! ;)

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