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So I'm sure everyone knows Google reader will be retiring imminently. It's my go-to reader so that kind of sucks but luckily my second choice makes it so easy to keep up with all your favorite blogs.
Just go here and with one click you can keep reading all your favorite blogs.
I just found this out so I thought I would pass it on!

And speaking of  change, and just so this isn't a a post without photos (which I don't like) here is a different way i've been wearing my hair. It's so, so different, but I think I might like it like this.

I haven't not had bangs in maybe ten years so it's a big change but i'm gonna rock it every now and then.
Besides, bangs are too sweaty for the summer anyways!


  1. Yeah, bangs are a drag sometimes. When you've got an oily forehead, you get oily bangs. I've been contemplating on whether to let my bangs grow out completely or cut 'em again! I'm sure I'll cave and just cut them myself...

  2. Tagged you in my latest blog post! Take a look :)


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