Hey, look at me!

Not me, Erin. 
It's my blog talking.
That would be awfully attention seeking and conceded for me to just go look at me look at me on the internet.


It's my new blog "design" that wants your attention.
Okay, and I do to. 
I'm a middle child

Check out my new decor and tell me what ya think. It took waaay longer than i'd care to admit and i'm not so much at a point where i'm in love with it but more like "eh, this'll do."
I really wish past Erin hadn't given up on her interest in web design. I used to do that stuff for fun, before blogs were even a thing, and now here I am with a blog and no know-how.

Anyways, I've tried to do as much as I can with tutorials and my limited memory.
Because that's what I do when I should be packing. Since i'm moving in two days.
But nooope. I procrastinate, of course!

and yet I never learn...

Oh, and here's an outfit that I wore recently. I got this dress at Target (CANADA) and i'm in looooove.  With this dress and Target. Though it does really suck that the stores up here aren't carrying any plus sized items. This dress is just an XXL that happens to fit. 

Later days!
(leave a comment if you get that reference!)

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  1. I looove how you mixed these patterns up!! I need more pattern mixing in my life!



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