Seatbelt's, everyone!

Some friends of mine just moved into a house together and they decided to throw a 90's themed costume housewarming.
Since I get really, really into playing dressing up, I got a little carried away in creating my costume.

I decided to go as everyone's favorite teacher, Ms. Frizzle, of The Magic School Bus.
Here's my DIY Ms.Frizzle costume!

All you need is a shirt dress and some shapes to adorn your dress with, based on the lesson plan of your choosing!

I took my new custom made eshakti dress (real post on that coming soon!) and simply stuck on some foam space shapes to make it a space appropriate dress, based on the pilot episode of the series.
I kind of have a thing for space thanks to a certain Doctor...

And it's because of the Doctor that I went and made myself a TARDIS to adorn my dress with. Because, duh! 

And since the set of foam space shapes I bought at Michael's didn't come with a TARDIS (how rude!) I had to go and make my own. 

The best part was that two girls (whom I had never met before) happened to come as two of the students, Pheobe and Wanda. It was meant to be! 


  1. Such a great idea for a costume!

  2. Oh I love Ms. Fizzle, your costume came out great and how awesome that two people came as the students! :)


  3. You look so sweet!

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    Nanna Freving // www.nannafreving.com


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