11 (more) Questions!

Thanks to Beverly I've made another video! This one is along the 11 question tag chain thing that was going around a while ago, only in video form!
It was fun because I'm not working much this summer and what else is there to do?



  1. aaahhh, you always make me laugh!
    Thanks for answering all these questions :) Your perfect day sounds like such a hoot. I love eating and swimming and shopping and eating and movies. And holy heck do they need a vegetarian/vegan cooking show. HELLOOOOOO. They're probably afraid that not enough people would watch it. But it could be really good! And it can show people how good food can be without meat!! Also I agree about the era question. I loving living in the NOW- internet, advanced medicine, education, internet.... duh.
    p.s. I was reminded that you're Canadian when I heard you say "about."

    1. :) Thanks for another video game! It's so much fun. When you come visit we will have that kind of day! (Now you have more incentive! haha) And yes, meat eaters aren't all that close-minded I find.
      Aaaahhh, I usually think I don't actually sound Canadian! Guess not, eh? ;)

  2. Loved your video! We'd totally be friends! You answered the whole born in a different era thing thing the way I do, well that & tampons.

    ♡ Brooke

    1. Thanks Brooke! We can totally be friends! :)


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