Good news!

I'm blogging again! 
Well, I hope to.
I finally got my SLR back in working condition, so i'm feeling a lot more inspired and able to get back to quality outfit posts.
I sent it back home a few months ago after it crapped out after being dropped one too many times and my dad was able to get it fixed. It's still not working perfectly but it's such an improvement over iPhone shots!

Only an SLR can capture the water and your face when on the ferry. Bless 'em!

I celebrated the return of my camera by going out to Victoria, B.C. with my parents since they came to visit me in Vancouver for the week. I had spent a few hours there with my brother in June and I was ready for more, especially since my brother got bored so he made us leave after half a day when I went with him. My parents, however, were more than happy to spend two days there, as was I. The sun even came out one afternoon which made everyone incredibly happy.

(shirt: old navy)

Wanna hear more good news? Of course you do!
Modcloth is now offering (somewhat) legit plus sizes.
I say somewhat because their sizing is still limited. Hopefully that will improve with time though.
Their pieces have definitely already improved. At first there were a lot of questionable items

I bought this skirt recently and I found it's pretty true to size. At a 3X it's a little loose, but a comfortable fit.

When I saw this baby online it was one of those things where my brain just went NEED.NOW. I have been dreaming for a skirt exactly like this- denim, button up, WITH POCKETS for so long so I just had to have it. It's an investment piece. 
At least that's how I justify once again maxing out my credit card...

*Just a note that I have not been sponsored by ModCloth, I am just genuinely pleased that they are finally catering to plus size clientele! 

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