Falling for Fall

I know everyone is going on and on about how much they love fall, and pumpkin spice, and for yet another blogger to declare her love for the season would totally be a cliche... but it's also entirely appropriate because I. LOVE. FALL. (And pumpkin spice. So there.)

I love it for the beautiful colours of the changing leaves, for the crisp fall air, and most of all the accompanying cool temperatures so i'm not constantly dripping in sweat. 

But most of all, I love layering*. 
And wearing cute boots with skirts!

And since it's not too cold yet, I can rock my jean jacket (for the time being). Thankfully I finally got an umbrella that fits in my backpack.

*WOW I JUST NOTICED ERIN IS IN THE WORD layERINg!!! Excuse me, but I just had to share that eureka moment.)



I'm so excited to finally be participating in Jess & Salazar's Style Imitating Art series! 
When I saw it was Vincent I just had to play along...

It was a little over a year ago that I revealed my mental health issues to a good friend of mine. She was so kind, accepting, understanding, and she knew the exact perfect way to comfort me. Television.
She showed me an episode of Doctor Who, titled "Vincent and the Doctor".

I remember my first connection to the famous artist happening in high school, one of my lowest mental health points. My English teacher (who changed my life, in ways I won't get into today) played the song "Vincent" for the class. I was of course familiar with the work, but I had never known the artist behind it, save for the fact that he was "crazy" for chopping off his ear.
But this sweet song spoke to me on such a visceral level. For the first time, I saw that Vincent had eyes that know the darkness of my soul. That he was a man who suffered for sanity. His tragic end and departure from the world that could not love him. These are things I strongly relate to.

And so finally seeing such a beautiful portrayal of Vincent, with the Doctor, re-entered Vincent into my life. I have lost count of how many times i've watched that episode. I use it as a tool to show my loved ones to help them understand my disease. There are some key moments in the episode I feel could be written from my experience. (As it is thought Vincent suffered from Bipolar disorder, which I have been diagnosed with.) I was also given the documentary "Painted With Words, a documentary based on his writings in his letters, which again, spoke so closely to my experience. I've now purchased a collection of his letters and go to them in times where I need comfort.

With my profound connection to Vincent, I had to participate in the latest Style Inspired by Art challenge, of his latest discovered work.
And I had just the pieces to work with.

The colours obviously mimic those found in Sunset at Montmajour, but part of why I chose these two pieces is due to the lines in them, which mimic the post-impressionism Vincent is so famous for, which we see in his "latest" piece. 

I hadn't thought of putting these two pieces together, but as soon as I saw the challenge, it came to me. It's funny how the right inspiration can change your perspective. Something Vincent was all about, really.

Thanks for listening to more of my story. 
And thanks to the ladies who run Style Imitating Art for choosing Vincent. 


"Let us keep courage and try to be patient and gentle. And not mind being eccentric, and make distinction between good and evil." 
 Vincent van Gogh


outfit magic

Some outfits are thought out. Perfectly planned and prepared. 
Some outfits are laid out the night before a big day- even the accesssories.

And some outfits come together when you stand in front of your closet and put on the two first things that speak to you.
Sometimes, you're in a funk all day because you chose the wrong things.
But other times, you've stumbled onto something you think is really great.

(This day was the latter.) 


The long journey of body acceptance.

This body acceptance thing is hard. It takes a lot of work. Daily reminders that despite what everyone around your or in the media says, that your body is just fine the way it is.
This journey is one that takes a long time. It ebbs and flows. I've been on this journey for my whole life, not really even knowing I was until five years ago.
It's a constant struggle to accept your body. Even if it's as picture perfect as all the magazines. Women are taught to still constantly critique their physiques.
And for those of us with different bodies, ones that are seen as bad, selfish, immoral, accepting your body can be even more difficult.

But it can be done.

Even though it takes time.

For instance.

I purchased this adorable romper from ASOS Curve almost a year ago. I got it right before Christmas. I had visions of wearing tights underneath with boots and sweaters overtop. So many ways to mix and match!

But when I first put it on I was unable to see past my protruding stomach. Dramatically dipping as the garment turned into shorts.

I wasn't quite ready to accept that part of my body. I had in the past, when I started wearing my shirts tucked into my skirts, but my body had changed since then, so I had to learn to accept that part all over again. And, as i've mentioned, it can take a lot of time and effort.

Every now and then i'd put the romper on again, wondering if I had built up the courage to wear it. The  months went by in the form of seasons, and now, at almost winter of the next year, I was able to finally wear it to day.

I had finally gotten to the point where I could wear it around my house for more than half an hour. I wore it all morning, and then out for a study session at a coffee shop. And everything was ok. In fact, everything was great. Rompers are so comfortable! And I felt, and looked good. Which can be a very helpful feeling at times.

So my words to you dear readers, wherever you are in your self acceptance journey, is to remember, in the words of Morrissey, that these things take time.

But I am a testament to the fact that, while you may falter, you can do it.


Old Navy Plus Sizes Now in Canada!

As a Canadian one of the most common things I get asked is "where do you find clothes?" Canada is notoriously awful for plus sized clothes that aren't insanely expensive or overly matronly.
My answer of where I buy clothes is that it's a equal parts mix of thrifting, Old Navy, and ordering online. Luckily i'm around a 22 which means I can squeeze into most of Old Navy's XXL sizes. But I can't wear their jeans.

Well, my fellow hapless Canadian fat friends, we finally have another resource. Old Navy has now made their plus size line available to Canadians!
We are talking actual plus sizes. As in, they go up to a size 30. On pretty much all kinds of clothes...including, jeans! I am really excited to try out their jeans, as when I was a smaller size (around a 16 I fell in love with their sweetheart jeans.)

Another feature i'm really impressed with is that they offer active wear. I've always been peeved and perplexed that active wear never comes in plus sizes. How are we supposed to loose the weight to fit into your exercise clothes if we don't have anything to wear to go work out in the first place?

The only downside we're facing here is that it's only offered online. As a plus size shopper I grow weary of having to chance it with every online order. Even with diligent measuring and reading every review available, sizing can often be amiss. But hey, having a plus size line even available is enough cause to celebrate!
Though I do wish the plus size line wasn't a completely separate entity, I wish we could see the bold trends that the straight size line gets, but it's my hope that Old Navy will recognize that their plus size consumers are just as fashion-savy as the rest.

Not to say that the collection is lacking. I did find a few favourite fall looks i've put together.

Both of these looks would be perfect fall styles for back to school.

And they have some really cute sweaters for it when it eventually cools down!

All in all, I say rejoice, Canadians! We finally have another contender in our clothing options, and with free shipping (on orders over $50) it won't cost more than the garment itself to ship! That's just unheard of with Canadian online shopping!

*Please note that this is a sponsored post, but all opinions expressed here are my own. 


Fatkini Manifesto, part three.

It's funny, once you get past an insecurity, it's so much easier to get past it again and again. A year ago I wore my first fatkini. I had been working up to that for years. And finally, I just did it. And it felt great.

I've started to add to my collection this summer, and with each new suit I feel more and more confident. There are still times when that old insecurity creeps in, with the stares that I inevitably get, but I just push past their negativity and do what I want to do.

Life's not worth living if you're hiding away afraid to experience things because of what other people will think. Trust me, I have done that exact thing almost my whole life and I know that for a fact. 

I have been trying to live it up this summer as much as I can, at my favorite beach, a lake, in Port Moody. (I actually don't like swimming in the ocean, lakes for life!!) I even took my parents there when they were out for a visit. At my favorite point, a dock ripe for jumping off of, there were a bunch of drunk idiots there. So my parent's didn't want to go in the water. I did, so I went for it. 
My mother commented on how much i've changed these past few years, how, now I "do things you never would have done before". And it's true, in finally accepting myself (for my size, amoung other things) i've found i'm not afraid of just going for it (as much) anymore. 
Once you make that first (literal or metaphorical) jump, it starts to get easier every time.
So take a risk, go ahead and do, and wear, what you want. No matter what your size is. Because something as silly as a number on a tag or the scale should not have power over you living your life.


Summer Style, pt 2

I know I spoke recently about my lack of summer style, but I managed to put together this lil number the other day and it just felt so elegant and summery, so I had to share.

It's the perfect end of summer transition outfit, because it requires layering, and in the dead of summer when it's 30 above I cannot wear more than one shirt.
But when it's only in the 20's I can manage.

Another way of staying cool (in more than just one sense of the word, hah) is by keeping my long, thick, mermaid hair off my neck as much as possible. Last year I wore it in a high bun pretty much everyday, this year it's been milkmaid braids! 

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