Falling for Fall

I know everyone is going on and on about how much they love fall, and pumpkin spice, and for yet another blogger to declare her love for the season would totally be a cliche... but it's also entirely appropriate because I. LOVE. FALL. (And pumpkin spice. So there.)

I love it for the beautiful colours of the changing leaves, for the crisp fall air, and most of all the accompanying cool temperatures so i'm not constantly dripping in sweat. 

But most of all, I love layering*. 
And wearing cute boots with skirts!

And since it's not too cold yet, I can rock my jean jacket (for the time being). Thankfully I finally got an umbrella that fits in my backpack.

*WOW I JUST NOTICED ERIN IS IN THE WORD layERINg!!! Excuse me, but I just had to share that eureka moment.)


  1. No signs of fall around here. Well, the mornings and evenings have gotten crisp and breezy, but we're still in the 80-90s during the day. My liiiiiiiiife.
    Love this outfit. You look like an art student :)
    p.s. have you decided to stick with improv?? oh please oh please!


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