Old Navy Plus Sizes Now in Canada!

As a Canadian one of the most common things I get asked is "where do you find clothes?" Canada is notoriously awful for plus sized clothes that aren't insanely expensive or overly matronly.
My answer of where I buy clothes is that it's a equal parts mix of thrifting, Old Navy, and ordering online. Luckily i'm around a 22 which means I can squeeze into most of Old Navy's XXL sizes. But I can't wear their jeans.

Well, my fellow hapless Canadian fat friends, we finally have another resource. Old Navy has now made their plus size line available to Canadians!
We are talking actual plus sizes. As in, they go up to a size 30. On pretty much all kinds of clothes...including, jeans! I am really excited to try out their jeans, as when I was a smaller size (around a 16 I fell in love with their sweetheart jeans.)

Another feature i'm really impressed with is that they offer active wear. I've always been peeved and perplexed that active wear never comes in plus sizes. How are we supposed to loose the weight to fit into your exercise clothes if we don't have anything to wear to go work out in the first place?

The only downside we're facing here is that it's only offered online. As a plus size shopper I grow weary of having to chance it with every online order. Even with diligent measuring and reading every review available, sizing can often be amiss. But hey, having a plus size line even available is enough cause to celebrate!
Though I do wish the plus size line wasn't a completely separate entity, I wish we could see the bold trends that the straight size line gets, but it's my hope that Old Navy will recognize that their plus size consumers are just as fashion-savy as the rest.

Not to say that the collection is lacking. I did find a few favourite fall looks i've put together.

Both of these looks would be perfect fall styles for back to school.

And they have some really cute sweaters for it when it eventually cools down!

All in all, I say rejoice, Canadians! We finally have another contender in our clothing options, and with free shipping (on orders over $50) it won't cost more than the garment itself to ship! That's just unheard of with Canadian online shopping!

*Please note that this is a sponsored post, but all opinions expressed here are my own. 

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