I'm so excited to finally be participating in Jess & Salazar's Style Imitating Art series! 
When I saw it was Vincent I just had to play along...

It was a little over a year ago that I revealed my mental health issues to a good friend of mine. She was so kind, accepting, understanding, and she knew the exact perfect way to comfort me. Television.
She showed me an episode of Doctor Who, titled "Vincent and the Doctor".

I remember my first connection to the famous artist happening in high school, one of my lowest mental health points. My English teacher (who changed my life, in ways I won't get into today) played the song "Vincent" for the class. I was of course familiar with the work, but I had never known the artist behind it, save for the fact that he was "crazy" for chopping off his ear.
But this sweet song spoke to me on such a visceral level. For the first time, I saw that Vincent had eyes that know the darkness of my soul. That he was a man who suffered for sanity. His tragic end and departure from the world that could not love him. These are things I strongly relate to.

And so finally seeing such a beautiful portrayal of Vincent, with the Doctor, re-entered Vincent into my life. I have lost count of how many times i've watched that episode. I use it as a tool to show my loved ones to help them understand my disease. There are some key moments in the episode I feel could be written from my experience. (As it is thought Vincent suffered from Bipolar disorder, which I have been diagnosed with.) I was also given the documentary "Painted With Words, a documentary based on his writings in his letters, which again, spoke so closely to my experience. I've now purchased a collection of his letters and go to them in times where I need comfort.

With my profound connection to Vincent, I had to participate in the latest Style Inspired by Art challenge, of his latest discovered work.
And I had just the pieces to work with.

The colours obviously mimic those found in Sunset at Montmajour, but part of why I chose these two pieces is due to the lines in them, which mimic the post-impressionism Vincent is so famous for, which we see in his "latest" piece. 

I hadn't thought of putting these two pieces together, but as soon as I saw the challenge, it came to me. It's funny how the right inspiration can change your perspective. Something Vincent was all about, really.

Thanks for listening to more of my story. 
And thanks to the ladies who run Style Imitating Art for choosing Vincent. 


"Let us keep courage and try to be patient and gentle. And not mind being eccentric, and make distinction between good and evil." 
 Vincent van Gogh

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  1. I think this is very cool that you were able to connect with Vincent van Gogh. As he's someone that lived life so long ago, it's amazing that he's still impacting people and changing lives through his paintings and his story. I'm glad you were able to discover & relate to him!

    Your outfit is spot on to the painting and your description of it is perfect!


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