Modcloth Outfit Challenge!

Modcloth Outfit Challenge!

Modcloth Outfit Challenge! by plussizedpretty 
I was recently contacted by Modcloth to participate in an outfit challenge around a piece from their own line, the following dreams sweater- aptly named because Modcloth carrying plus sizes is a dream come true!

I paired it with a classic navy skirt since the pattern mixing in the sweater added enough visual interest, then I added some pops of colour with co-ordinating accessories! I was bold and matched the shoes and the bag and the scarf, because, you know, that saying...


Put A Bird On It (still)

I will forever be wearing (and displaying in my home) things with birds on them.
I just love the shilouete of birds.
Even if in real life they terrify me.

With my new hair I find i'm really favouring cooler earth tones. And black and white.
I have this apprehension that with my hair being colourful I can't have my clothes be too colourful. Which is obviously crazy, but, something i'm going through that I (hopefully) will get past. I have a lot of colour in my closet! (said the former goth).


I'm Bringin' Specsy Back

I just had to with the pun. Because
a) I LOVE puns
b) This dress is covered in glasses and it's got back cut outs!
Oh my!

But since i'm at the point where I'm not yet confident enough to wear a (part) backless dress to a lecture, (i'm only confident enough to post a photo on the internet) I threw a cozy sweater over it.

Because really, LOOK AT THAT PRINT. I am so in love with it. I ordered it the second I saw it (online) at Forever 21.


Cute saves the day?

I wore this for a presentation in my toughest class. It's more foreign to me than the foreign language I am taking (German) though, that class is pretty damn difficult too.

I had a presentation in a class that is such a total nightmare of a topic. I took it because I wanted a 'challenge' and at the time I thought I could do such a thing. HAH! I just want to go back in time now and say:
Dear past Erin, You SUCK at challenges. And you HATE them. Never to this to yourself again.
Love, present(ly stressed) Erin

But since the doctor has not yet arrived at my doorstep (maybe because I don't have a doorstep) I had to try my best and present something I had no clue about anyways.
So I did all I could do, and made sure to look cute.
As long as I feel like I look good, I feel so much more confident.
Which I definitely needed today since I was feeling like I had no idea what to do.
We'll see if it showed in my presentation when I get my grade back. But for that day, I felt like I did an okay job. 

[sweater, Old Navy, skirt: Mocloth, tights: We Love Colors, boots: The Bay]


Notice anything different?


Yep. My hair is no longer red.
I've been dyeing it red for the past 8 years, (with the exceptions of a few months where I went blonde because I was having an early life crisis).
But lately my preferred red (L'orel high lift) has not been taking, and it's been fading to a pinky/blonde/orange. Which I liked for the summer, but for the fall I took the Sally's associate's advice and tried a semi-permanent dye instead.
I've always wanted purple hair. Longer than I was red. But I had strict parents, and then I worked at Starbucks (a strict company) so I never could do it. Without those constraints (i'm an unemployed adult! Woo-hoo!) I figured it was finally time to do it.
So I tried a purple dye that came out horribly horribly dark. More black than purple. I felt like I was 16 and a goth again. Been there, done that. 

So I freaked out and tried a few treatments of baking soda mixed with developer, and then a few washes with head and shoulders. I ended up with this really pretty teal colour I never thought I could pull off until I saw it, and I fell in love
But I still wanted some purple, so I put some pink over the turqoise ends and finally had the shade of purple I wanted, and some bonus teal! 
I'm in looove with this hair. It's such a fun change from the red.
The red hair is definitely a part of me, and I will go back red, eventually. But for now, I'm going to have fun and get crazy with my hair colour while I can. 

If you follow my Instargram or Tumblr this is old news, but I thought I should post here before I schedule my upcoming posts from the past month so the hair change is explained. 


These Things Take Time

Remember how I finally wore that romper that previously just sat in my closet for months??
Well, I recently had another experience of overcoming an item of clothing I was unsure about.
The bodycon skirt. 
I thought that the bodycon could only be worn by curvy fat chicks. Ones with a flat stomach and a big butt. I have a huge stomach and a flat butt, so I convinced myself I could never wear one.

But I decided to try one on one day. And surprisingly, I liked how it felt. (And it make my tiny, flat butt look awesome.)
But I still didn't wear that skirt until months later.
Just last week.
One day I just realized that I could highlight what I wanted (that booty!) and still cover what I was worried about, my draping stomach. (Which, despite feeling like a super high level body loving lady, I can still get insecure about. I'm kinda human like that.)
All thanks to a chambray button up! 

[I didn't realize I cut the top of my head out of the shot until uploading. Ugh. Who wants to be my personal outfit photographer? Now accepting applications.]

Also, bonus points for pattern mixing!! 

Now i'm no longer afraid to rock this bodycon trend. And who knows, soon, I might even try tucking in my shirt next time. ;)


Win an Old Navy Giftcard!

I'm happy to announce that Plus Sized Pretty will be hosting it's first ever giveaway!

Previously on Plus Sized Pretty I waxed poetic about fall and Old Navy's new skinny jeans line.
Funny how those two things go together, eh?

I love skinny jeans for fall because they're easy to dress up and accessorize with the right top, scarf, necklace, flats, or boots! And speaking of boots, skinny jeans are the perfect pant to wear with your favourite long pair of boots. They're thicker than leggings for the colder October mornings, while still sleek enough to not bunch up all awkwardly under your boot like a regular cut jean.

Old Navy wants to get the word out about their plus size skinny jeans, and they want to give you a $50 gift card so you can try 'em on yourself! The sale prices start from $19 and is on until October 2nd.

To enter, let me know how you'd wear your pair of Old Navy's skinny jeans.
The contest closes Wednesday, October 2nd, at midnight, so don't hesitate to let me know! ! Choose your favorite pair of skinnies and post it in the comments section below. Please include your name and contact information in order to be eligible to win!

One winner will be randomly chosen from all the responses on the blog. One entry per person. Duplicate entries will be removed. Good luck! Open to Canadian residents only, including Quebec. Contest closes Wednesday, October 2nd at midnight EST.


Old Navy Skinny Jeans

If you read this blog you can probably guess that i’m not a big fan of arbitrary rules imposed on women. This is including, but not limited to, the policing of who can and who cannot wear skinny jeans. I firmly believe that fat women (or any woman) can, and should wear skinny jeans if they want to.

Luckily, Old Navy agrees with me as they offer a wide range of Skinnies in their new online plus size collection.

They are currently on sale, starting at $19 until Wednesday, October the second, so if you want to forget the rules and get yourself a deal on some great skinny jeans head on over to OldNavy.ca!

If you need some fall fashion inspiration i've put together a few look ideas. I love skinny jeans for those days where you woke up super late and you have to race out the door to get to school in time for your test/lecture/presentation/etc so you have no time to think about clothes but you still want to look cute. That feeling sound familiar? On those days I usually throw on a pair of skinny jeans with a cute top an some flats. It may sound simple but with the right items you can put together something special.

I love the bits of interest in this one with the striped top and the zippers on the pants, then the pop of mustard with those flats!

And how cute is this sassy fox sweater? If you wear glasses, you and your animal sweater could even match. And these polka dot flats add even more whimsy to a basic staple like a skinny jean.

(all items can be found online at OldNavy.ca's plus size line) 

How do you like to dress up your skinny jeans?

*Please note this is a sponsored post, but all thoughts expressed are my own.

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