Cute saves the day?

I wore this for a presentation in my toughest class. It's more foreign to me than the foreign language I am taking (German) though, that class is pretty damn difficult too.

I had a presentation in a class that is such a total nightmare of a topic. I took it because I wanted a 'challenge' and at the time I thought I could do such a thing. HAH! I just want to go back in time now and say:
Dear past Erin, You SUCK at challenges. And you HATE them. Never to this to yourself again.
Love, present(ly stressed) Erin

But since the doctor has not yet arrived at my doorstep (maybe because I don't have a doorstep) I had to try my best and present something I had no clue about anyways.
So I did all I could do, and made sure to look cute.
As long as I feel like I look good, I feel so much more confident.
Which I definitely needed today since I was feeling like I had no idea what to do.
We'll see if it showed in my presentation when I get my grade back. But for that day, I felt like I did an okay job. 

[sweater, Old Navy, skirt: Mocloth, tights: We Love Colors, boots: The Bay]


  1. It's amazing how feeling like you look good can make you feel better all around :) I love that about fashion.

  2. Agreed. Looking cute/hot is the perfect cure for feeling less confident.


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