Notice anything different?


Yep. My hair is no longer red.
I've been dyeing it red for the past 8 years, (with the exceptions of a few months where I went blonde because I was having an early life crisis).
But lately my preferred red (L'orel high lift) has not been taking, and it's been fading to a pinky/blonde/orange. Which I liked for the summer, but for the fall I took the Sally's associate's advice and tried a semi-permanent dye instead.
I've always wanted purple hair. Longer than I was red. But I had strict parents, and then I worked at Starbucks (a strict company) so I never could do it. Without those constraints (i'm an unemployed adult! Woo-hoo!) I figured it was finally time to do it.
So I tried a purple dye that came out horribly horribly dark. More black than purple. I felt like I was 16 and a goth again. Been there, done that. 

So I freaked out and tried a few treatments of baking soda mixed with developer, and then a few washes with head and shoulders. I ended up with this really pretty teal colour I never thought I could pull off until I saw it, and I fell in love
But I still wanted some purple, so I put some pink over the turqoise ends and finally had the shade of purple I wanted, and some bonus teal! 
I'm in looove with this hair. It's such a fun change from the red.
The red hair is definitely a part of me, and I will go back red, eventually. But for now, I'm going to have fun and get crazy with my hair colour while I can. 

If you follow my Instargram or Tumblr this is old news, but I thought I should post here before I schedule my upcoming posts from the past month so the hair change is explained. 

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