Put A Bird On It (still)

I will forever be wearing (and displaying in my home) things with birds on them.
I just love the shilouete of birds.
Even if in real life they terrify me.

With my new hair I find i'm really favouring cooler earth tones. And black and white.
I have this apprehension that with my hair being colourful I can't have my clothes be too colourful. Which is obviously crazy, but, something i'm going through that I (hopefully) will get past. I have a lot of colour in my closet! (said the former goth).


  1. I looove your hair. It really does add color to anything, even a super neutral outfit! And birds are gorgeous :)

  2. I know I've been MIA... but your HAIR!!!! You look so different... I see you are still blogging and killing it fashionably!!!

  3. omgness I think your hair colour looks great on you! it seems to really cool down your skin tone and makes your face look really bright and fresh! love it!


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