These Things Take Time

Remember how I finally wore that romper that previously just sat in my closet for months??
Well, I recently had another experience of overcoming an item of clothing I was unsure about.
The bodycon skirt. 
I thought that the bodycon could only be worn by curvy fat chicks. Ones with a flat stomach and a big butt. I have a huge stomach and a flat butt, so I convinced myself I could never wear one.

But I decided to try one on one day. And surprisingly, I liked how it felt. (And it make my tiny, flat butt look awesome.)
But I still didn't wear that skirt until months later.
Just last week.
One day I just realized that I could highlight what I wanted (that booty!) and still cover what I was worried about, my draping stomach. (Which, despite feeling like a super high level body loving lady, I can still get insecure about. I'm kinda human like that.)
All thanks to a chambray button up! 

[I didn't realize I cut the top of my head out of the shot until uploading. Ugh. Who wants to be my personal outfit photographer? Now accepting applications.]

Also, bonus points for pattern mixing!! 

Now i'm no longer afraid to rock this bodycon trend. And who knows, soon, I might even try tucking in my shirt next time. ;)


  1. Hooray for working on self love! =D

  2. I think a wear a bodycon skirt was one of my breakthrough moments as a fat lady. If I could wear that, then I could wear anything. I'm glad you've had your moment! Little steps will get you there. You look great and your outfit rocks. Good luck for next time! ;)


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