I've found since dying my hair new colours i've been a bit wary to wear bright colours. I'm not sure why, since my red hair wasn't exactly tame.
This outfit felt like a great way to do neutrals and brights, with a bit of pattern thrown in because it's the most important. 
 I guess it's just a transition time for my style. I'm not always sure of what to wear these days, but i'm okay with it since i'm still so in love with the teal and purple i've got going on right now. 


This outfit was one of those miracle power outfits. As soon as I put it on, I felt powerful. Because I was so cute. 
Also, it could've been because I was listening to new Britney and some good ol'  BeyoncÄ—, or maybe a combination of all of the above, ya know. Whatever gets you there right? 

Also, how amazing are these leggings?! THERE ARE ELEPHANTS ON THEM. 

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