Channeling the Inner Child

After I got over that silly romper insecurity, I was on the hunt for overalls. 
I'm a product of the nineties, so, when a trend cycles back that reminds me of my childhood, i'll take a few years, but i'll eventually get on board with it. 
My dreams came true when I saw these adorable polka doted overall shorts online at Forever 21. 
Because, as people tell me all the time, I kind of have a thing for polka dots.

The fit is great, (now that i'm over that romper fear) and it even has POCKETS.
The one downside to it was that it buttoned up in the back. Like, every time you go to the bathroom you have to reach around like a circus freak and somehow guess where the button holes on the straps are and somehow align them to the button and keep them straight and not tangled without getting tired.
No thank you. 
So I sewed the straps to the back and just moved the buttons to the front! 
(And when I say "I sewed" I of course mean my mother did.)

Speaking of my childhood, the other cool thing about these overalls is that they remind me of my former glory. I had a pair of black overalls (full leg length though, and no polka dots) that I loved and would wear all the time. I was mercilessly teased as a kid (not for the overalls, but a plethora of other things) but my student teacher I had that year would always compliment me on those overalls, and my general 'style'. 
I also wore a lot of hair mascara at that time. My favourite colours were teal and purple. Funny how my hair is now all teal and purple. ;) (except for all the hideous fading). It was so nice knowing there was one stranger out there who saw something worthwhile in me.

Speaking of my childhood, I found this gem of a journal (or should I say, jurnol) entry from when I was eight. It made me smile for my obliviously phonetic way of spelling I had, and my matter of fact declarations of love for writing. I even said "I want to be a person who writes books" (spelling changed to reflect my current education), which gave me the push I needed to really follow my dream and continue in creative writing. 

It's funny how some things don't change. 


  1. These overalls are so darn cute! I love finding old assignments from elementary school. I found my kindergarten report card last year and the comments my teacher made: "Beverly is a great artist and she loves to dance." Those are still true today! ha

  2. I love this! So cute!! I really admire you for wearing then, Im trying to build the confidence to challenge myself to wear them in the summer!

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