Who wants to join my coven?

Is anyone else watching the latest season of American Horror Story? I've started over the past few months, and i'm obsessed. It's quite odd, as I'm terrified at the smallest things so very easily, and yet, as the title depicts, it's a horror story. But I guess my love of witches and Gabby Sidibe can overwhelm any fears. 

Anyways, the fashion has been inspiring me a lot. It's fantastic.
I recently got a few thigns from forever 21+ that really fit the AHS: Coven asthetic. 
It's a lot of black. It's giving me major flash-backs to my youth. Or should I say flash-blacks.

This is the perfect babydoll jumper style dress. I wore it plain this day but it can be worn over shirts, under shirts, under cardigans...so many options.

Oh, and it's wonderful to spin in.
Which I may have done a lot of.

I wore it with a denim jacket. Simple and stylish!

It was such a foggy day by the sea. Perfect backdrop for witchy-coven vibes.


  1. That is a really cute dress and totally coven inspired!! and AHS has to be one of my top shows, its been a good season this one!!
    xx amber


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