make me over

One of the (many) things I love about clothes is playing around with different looks. Like how wearing jeans tucked in can make you feel like a totally different person.
This outfit is a bit different from my every day uniform of leggings and a dress (or sometimes, a skirt with a top!). Sometimes it's fun to play sometimes. 

I also tried a new thing for me- cuffed jeans with my brand new ankle boots! I'm almost always wearing tights or leggings, which show off these boots nicely. Since jeans don't totally do the trick I just cuffed 'em. #yolo.

jeans, shoes: Old Navy
satchel: Vintage
blazer: Addition Elle

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  1. You look so snazzy in a blazer! And you totally make the cuff jeans thing work - I think I tried it once and it just made it look like my pants were too short. (which, let's face it, they probably were.) Maybe the secret is to try it with cute boots??


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