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I blame my recent obsession with AHS: Coven for my tandem recent obession with hats.
Those witches can rock a hat. 

But my head is pretty big.
Bigger than a woman's head should be, according to every store that sells hats. Every hat I would try on never fit my big ol' head properly. 
Until one blessed day. When I was at Target, picking up socks before work because I didn't have any clean ones (don't judge), I came across this hat.
I put it upon my head.
And it fit.

It's a miracle. 
I love my new hat.
It just brings me closer to my delusion.

I went to my favourite place one day during my reading break to take some photos. 
This lake is the most magical and peaceful place to me.
So I thought it was appropriate to channel some witchy vibes.

Outfit details:
hat: Target
dress & jacket: Old Navy
tights: Forever 21+ (online)
boots: The Bay

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  1. Girl, I know that feel. Hats never fit me either. When I was in Mexico, I really wanted a slick hat to keep the sun off my face but also be dapper. I tried all the ladies hats and of course, all of them were too small, so I bought a man's hat and loved it. My mom hates it, because it is obviously masculine, which kind of makes me love it even more? Anyway, you look fab. Please continue rocking on.


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